Yesterday was a interesting weather day.  The afternoon storms came early.  We were able to do what we call “weather routing” (on a small scale) while offshore.  We were tracking the storms on the Internet on the live weather radar and on our own radars on the bridge.  The pattern of these storms were moving from south west to north east.  We were able to stay 5 miles offshore and move slightly north and south as they passed and completely missed us.

Today will be more of the same patterns with light winds in the morning and seas 1-2 feet. The ride will be very good as there is only the waves and no seas coming in from distance.  The Atlantic is peaceful at this time.

Hurricane update:  Yes the media is starting to talk about the Tropical Storm/possible Hurricane brewing in the tropics.  I started tracking this on Monday and will watch it very closely.  Right now they have it entering the Caribbean on Friday or Saturday and heading toward Cuba.  There is a chance it could come our way…possibly up the West coast of Florida at this time…..but really it is just guess work at this point….I will keep you informed….
In the meantime….come sail with us…
Capt Tim 


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