Fridays cruises were again light winds and nearly flat seas….what a weather week we are having.  Any of you potential first timers that are reluctant to try us out because you are worried about the weather or the ships motion…come try us now!  You cant get much closer to “0” motion than what we have had lately.

This entire weekend will be more of the same.  The afternoon thundershowers do not effect us as they move off from the beach.  Even though the winds are briefly gusty and we get the heavy rain…there is not enough time or distance for any waves to build.

Captains Clarification:  Usually after the ship is safely at sea you may see me making rounds throughout the vessel.  I am checking for passenger comfort, Ships safety and general condition of the vessel as it is presented to our guests.  I inevitably get the question from passengers “who is driving the boat”???.  I usually can tell from the expression or tone as some people are honestly concerned and others are making friendly conversation.
Recently I had an ex-navy quartermaster (the guy that steers the boat) ask me this question.  I do have a sense of humor so I replied…..Dang! I thought you were driving!  Didn’t you get the order!  He turned and ran for the bridge and tripped over a chair…..!!  Okay…Okay  so that was a “sea story” I am a sailor ya know….LOL….
But honestly to alleviate any ones concerns….we always have a fully licensed Master or First Officer on the bridge in full command of  the ship….They always have instantaneous contact with me by radio and several other means of communication….
Come sail with us!
Capt Tim


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