Monday’s Cruises were a good ride despite the brisk North and Northwest winds.  We stayed in Captain’s Cove and the waves were only 2-3 feet. The ride was good but it was a little cool out on deck.
The rest of the week and into the weekend look great.  We will have diminishing North and Northwest Winds today and tomorrow.  The waves will be 1-2 feet and the ride will be great.
Thursday/Friday/Saturday the winds are forecast to be 5-10 and 5-15 from the South and Southwest.  This will make for great cruises with the waves 1-2 feet.  The ride will be smooth.
Nautical Term:  “pucker factor” is natural occurring phenomenon that occurs in some tense situations.  All Captain’s have them at some point in their careers. The muscles of the body tense, the teeth clench, and other areas of the anatomy “pucker”.  (any further explanation would be for “sailors” only and not appropriate for my G-rated blog).   At these moments when you are ready to make a decisions that could affect the life and safety of your crew and ship,  your mind may briefly flash back to…”why didn’t I just stick with my first job back in high school flipping burgers and the local burger joint….” 
Capt Tim