A Vegas Style Casino a Short Drive from Ocala, Florida

Victory Casino Cruises Online RegistrationsYou might already be familiar with the Victory, a Vegas style casino a short drive from Ocala, Florida. The excellent roads of the Sunshine State make quick work of the two-hour trip to Cape Canaveral, where VCC is headquartered. Stop along the way and visit one of the elegant thoroughbred farms for which Ocala is known. Several Kentucky Derby winners were trained in this area.

Entertainment and excitement! It provides a welcoming beacon to travelers as they plan a business trip or vacation. An itinerary makes it much easier to avoid missing any appointments. With the population growing rapidly, almost every event requires a reservation. There are even churches where parishioners have a certain service they are scheduled to attend! Booking in advance is an excellent way to confirm your spot, whatever you plan to do.

It may be hard to decide whether you want to schedule your trip to a Vegas style casino a short drive from Ocala, Florida in the early or late afternoon. If you’re a night owl and still going strong at midnight, definitely reserve your spot on the late afternoon tour, which arrives back in port shortly after the stroke of 12. Oh! Did I forget to mention the Victory is a cruise ship? The five-hour tour includes sailing out to the Atlantic’s international waters and more lenient gaming regulations.

The earlier voyage usually features Bingo, in addition to the live table games and slot machines. Of course, video poker is very popular and those machines are found throughout the ship. The later cruise is filled with glitz and entertainment every night of the week, but especially the weekend. Dancing, karaoke, and professional entertainment add to the fun.

If your friends are staying behind, you will make new friends while waiting to board the ship. There’s something about a cruise that turns people into happy comrades that enjoy sharing tales about past experiences. Don’t miss out on a Vegas style casino a short drive from Ocala, Florida. Instead, book your reservation today at 855-GO-VICTORY (855-468-4286).



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