You are Going to Love this Fun Thing to do in Central Florida

Victory Casino Cruises Online RegistrationsWhat’s the secret of finding a new fun thing to do in Central Florida? Often it is just a matter of asking others for suggestions or following up on advertisements that catch your interest. One example is the different forms of advertising for Victory Casino Cruises that you may have noticed, including TV ads and giant billboards along the highway.

An enticing part of the advertisement shows a cruise ship with passengers enjoying themselves to the hilt. It is really true. The 4-deck, 1200 passenger ship berths in Cape Canaveral and sails out to the Atlantic twice a day. It includes dining areas, bars, televisions for watching sports, slot machines, and a variety of other activities that fill the five hour tour.

Think of movies you’ve seen and books you’ve read that emphasize the glamour of casino games like baccarat. The game is usually identified as designed for the rich and famous. Victory has changed that outlook with the introduction of EZ Bac. The first Florida casino to offer no commission baccarat, they quickly made it possible for anyone of gambling age to learn and enjoy this intriguing game. It’s another new fun thing to do in Central Florida for adults 18 and over.

Here is the opportunity to have a casual get-together with 30 or 40 people and let someone else do the cleanup when it’s over. The $10 or so required to get a boarding pass for the Victory gaming cruise of your choice has just become even more of a bargain. Make it a group event and get a discount plus special help and suggestions from VCC’s fantastic group representatives! How much easier can it get?

Your friends and family will love this new fun thing to do in Central Florida and so will you. In fact, this might start a new tradition, since everyone can choose the activities they want to do until the ship returns to port. Call today to put the plan in action by talking to the group sales team at 855-GO-VICTORY (855-468-4286).



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