Where to Find the Best Casino Action Near Melbourne Florida

Victory Casino Cruises Online RegistrationsWhere is the best place to find casino action near Melbourne Florida? If you have noticed the billboards and TV ads lately, Victory Casino Cruises should come to mind. What makes this floating casino out of Cape Canaveral so special? A cruise of approximately 5 hours is one answer. A litany of “slots craps roulette poker” is another. A social event that provides the opportunity to talk with friends and soon-to-be friends is another excellent recommendation for VCC.

It’s about 25 miles between Melbourne Florida and Cape Canaveral. Passengers can drive over to the port or set up a ride on the shuttle. Being dropped off at the boarding point is convenient, particularly if walking is a bit difficult. Choosing the late afternoon departure presents the opportunity to see the incredible Florida sunset from the ocean point of views. You’ll swear you hear the sizzle as the sun seems to drop into the water.

It’s easy to make Victory a family event for adults. You need a valid government photo ID showing you are at least 18, Florida’s legal gaming age. The other requirement is a boarding pass. Why not make reservations for the buffet and carving station in celebration of a special event? Afterwards, find out where the live “slots craps roulette poker” action is located and decide which one to try.

If dancing and a night club scene are more to your liking, book your passage for Friday or Saturday evening. Those are the evenings that Club V encourages passengers to put on their dancing shoes and step onto the dance floor to join the crowd. Music is spun by the DJ and includes a variety of songs.

Let the friendly staff aboard Victory I show you why the gaming crowd includes this ship as the go to place near Melbourne Florida for slots craps roulette poker and so much more. Pick up the phone today to book your reservations by calling a VCC operator today at 855-GO-VICTORY (855-468-4286).



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