Victory Casino's Free $25,000 Pro Challenge - Picks Due Prior To First Game On Thursday, September 6th

Come out and pick the winners of the NFL games for each week. This is a season long contest!!! We will pay out $1,000 in weekly prize money to the person who correctly picks the winners of the most games! The $1000 weekly prize is based on a minimum of 500 weekly entries. We will pay $5,000 to the person who has the most correct picks at the end of the season, $2,000 will go to the 2nd place winner and $1,000 to the 3rd place winner!!! Join us and win the challenge!!!

Victory Casino Cruises FREE $25,000 NFL Challenge Kiosks Official Rules:

1. Our contest is free to all Victory Casino Cruises guests to enter.

2. Picks for week 1 will begin on Monday, August 27th.

3. All picks must be made on our Victory Casino’s FREE $25,000 Pro Football Challenge Kiosks.

4. To play, simply swipe your Victory Casino Cruises Players Club Card at the Kiosk, enter or confirm your e-mail address, select who you think will win each NFL game for the week and pick a total score for the Monday Night game or whichever game has the latest starting time for the week.

5. Guests may select games up to 1 weeks in advance.

6. After you make your picks, you will be sent an email confirming which games you selected for your records.

7. All picks are final once submitted. No Exceptions!

8. Only 1 entry per guest, per week.

9. In the event a game gets postponed from the week it is scheduled, it will not be counted in the weekly contest for the original date.

10. Victory Casino Cruises will payout $1,000 as a weekly prize provided that we have a minimum of 500 entries. The cash prize will be reduced to $500 if there are fewer than 500 entries.

11. The weekly winner will be the guest who correctly picks the most NFL games for the week and picks the score closest to the total score of the last game of the week without going over the total score.

12. In the event of a tie for the weekly contest, the prize money will be split evenly between all winners.

13. If the weekly contest ends in a tie and all scores selected by those with the most wins goes OVER the Monday Night Football game total score, the prize money for the week will be carried over to the next week.

14. In addition to the weekly prize money, Victory Casino Cruises will pay $5,000 to the guest who correctly picks the most games throughout the season. 2nd place will receive $2,000 and 3rdplace will receive $1,000.

15. There will be no tiebreaker for the season-long contest. If more than one contestant ends up with the same win total for the season, the 1st and 2nd place prize will be added together and split evenly. If more than 2 contestants end the season with the same win total, all 3 cash prizes will be totaled and split by everyone with the winning pick total.

16. Weekly and Season long contest winners must collect their payouts from the 2nd deck cashier while the ship is 3 miles out. At no time will payment be made inside the 3 mile line

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