Victory Casino Thanksgiving 2-4-1



The Victory Casino Thanksgiving 2-4-1 is a buy one get one free Thanksgiving dinner offer from Victory Casino Cruises, only applicable to those aged 55 and over, at the Boomer’s club this Thanksgiving. It is available on both the day and night cruises. The day cruises are from 11 am to 4 pm and the night cruises are from 7 pm to midnight. This meal is the ultimate unwinding package, relaxation and a way to usher in the holiday season in style.

Our on-board chefs literally cook up a feast for this time of year to entertain the guests who are smart enough to take up our offers. On the menu is turkey, baked and smoked, mashed potatoes, rolls and butter, among other traditional foods and an assortment of delightful desserts to complete an equally sweet evening, set out in three or five courses. You pay less and get so much more than Thanksgiving food. You get, in addition, gaming, entertainment and one thrilling cruise out in the sea.

Whether you prefer a buffet style or sit down option, we got you, just the way you want it.  Our ship boasts a huge spacious restaurant and bar, comfortable enough to seat even large groups who wish to take advantage of the offer. On top of that, to complete your evening, you can get onto the huge gaming floor where you will find Vegas-style slot machines, table games and all that a casino in Florida is reputed for.

You can indeed experience fine dining at a casino. Be among the lucky few to have had a Thanksgiving dinner at a casino on the sea. Enjoy a special menu, brought to life by a scrumptious feast and enjoy a selection of meals from our menu. Experience superb gourmet dining like a true bon vivant and enjoy refined dining with loved ones.

Opt to celebrate thanksgiving in Las Vegas style. Get to gamble offshore as you play games before and after dinner or lunch. Enjoy a traditional Thanksgiving meal made gourmet style and you might just make it a tradition to celebrate with family and friends aboard our ship. We know because we have seen it happen before. In fact, we guarantee that you will not forget about your time on board. 

Whether you are a seasoned gambler and reveler, or a fun loving family, book your table now. For reservations, contact Victory Casino Cruises on 855-468-4268. Celebrate your thanksgiving on a casino ship amidst excellent cuisine, fun gambling games and endless drinks.


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