Victory Casino Cruises Hosts Big Brother 17 Open Casting Call

Reality TV WannabesTry for Their Own Five Minutes of Fame


On Sunday, April 26th, 2015, hundreds flocked to the terminal at Victory Casino Cruises, all with one goal in mind: to be chosen for the next season of the popular reality TV show, Big Brother.The show, which first aired in early 2000 after CBS purchased the rights to the show for an estimated $20 million, is now in its 17th season. And if anything, the show is more popular than ever before.

Big Brother – A Reality TV Success

Not all reality TV shows make it big. But Big Brother is an exception to the rule. The show follows the lives of a group of complete strangers who live together in a single house. The housemates are fairly isolated from the outside world for a duration of approximately three months. Every two weeks, a house member is evicted. The last roommate standing, so to speak, wins a cash prize.

Big Brother requires that all of its cast members be at least 21 years of age. While there are not other specific standards for being chosen, the majority of contestants are outgoing and adventurous, and…uh… a bit dramatic.

A Big Turnout in South Florida

The turnout at Victory Casino Cruises for the auditions was huge – Pete Lynch, the Marketing Manager at Victory Casino, told reporters that his hopes are high that someone from Brevard County, located in Central Florida, will make it on the show this year.

And Josh Luschak, of Orlando, Florida, told cameras that Big Brother was his “passion,” and that he truly believed that he would be entertaining to watch.

Applicants should hear from Big Brother no later than May 8th. Finalists will be flown to Los Angeles for final auditions no later than May 15, 2015.

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