The Space Coast has it Going On with Day Cruises Sailing Every Day of the Week

Victory Casino Cruises Online RegistrationsThe Space Coast has certainly offered a lot of excitement and intrigue to residents and tourists over the past several decades. Although the space program has drawn back considerably, there are still some exhilarating travels available from Victory Casino Cruises in Cape Canaveral. Both evening and day cruises attract passengers from many areas for a 5-hour gaming excursion on the Atlantic Ocean aboard VCC’s flagship, Victory I.

Travelers from all walks of life enjoy the scenery that accompanies the first sailing of each day. The Florida sunshine sparkles merrily from the ship’s wake and the usual gentle waves that meet the bow. Sea gulls scream as they search for food, while dolphins leap playfully from the waters as they accompany Victory on her way to international waters and legal gaming.

Day cruises sail at 11 AM Monday through Saturday and at noon on Sunday. The Vegas gaming options are plentiful, frequently leaving passenger wondering what game to play at sea. Pull up a chair at the Ultimate Texas Hold ‘Em table and learn or refresh your knowledge of the rules. Who knew leaving the Space Coast this morning would provide the chance to stare down other poker players on a bluff!

The multi-level progressive jackpots on the video poker machines are quite popular. Look for the multiple games displayed on each machine to see which games are offered, such as jokers or deuces wild. There are several denominations to select from for your bet. A Royal Flush could be the very next hand and win a spectacular jackpot!

Day cruises on the Space Coast may be accompanied by hunger pangs if the passenger skipped breakfast and is craving lunch. You’ve already found out drinks are complimentary while gaming. If you’re still thirsty, Victory I has several bars on her 4 decks. Then follow your nose to the delicious seafood, meats, and side dishes at the buffet or items from the a la carte menu! Don’t wait another minute to explore the excitement of VCC. Book now at 855-GO-VICTORY.



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