The Band Be Easy

Victory Casino welcomes for the first time, The Band Be Easy, on Saturday, February 23rd, on our PM cruise! The Band Be Easy was born as a spark of inspiration, dreamed up by a self-taught trio of Midwesterners in 2010. Now the band has eloquently evolved into a lively 6-piece band. The band has played throughout the southeast and transcended the stage at major events.

Their deep talent shines in a seamless, unique hybrid of rock, blues, jazz, reggae, and funk influences with the power of modern mainstream. Their live shows feature effortless grooves and soulful diversions punctuated with energetic strokes of musical innovation. The Band Be Easy’s indescribable passion is only eclipsed by its undeniable collective genius. You can hear their music on Spotify and Apple Music. Don’t miss this incredible show!!!

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