Survivor Auditions – Top 10 List

It’s that time of the year when Survivor opens up its auditions. This time we have the pleasure of hosting the Survivor auditions on Sunday, April 10th from 10 am to 2 pm in Port Canaveral. But, before you come to the Victory Casino on the D-day, you should have some insider information on what to include in your casting tape.

1. Make your first 15 seconds count
Remember; you are not the only person auditioning, and so you need to spark interest within the first 15 seconds. Otherwise, your chances of being contacted by the casting directors drop instantly. Your selling point should be at the beginning of your audition tape.

2. Be a great storyteller
Share an exciting and memorable story about yourself and why you deserve to be on the survivor series. This could be the most important trait they are after. If you can keep a viewer locked in on you, then you have a great shot at getting a callback. Survivor is all about a great story!

3. Have 20 second sound bites
The typical Survivor episode has confessionals where a survivor gives a one on one interview for about 20 seconds. In the same light, keep your audition interesting by changing scenes every 20 seconds or so but don’t ramble on.

4. Go straight to the point
Don’t beat around the bush by giving general statements. Don’t say things like, “I want to make significant progress in the game.” That’s too boring; you can instead say, “I will hide all the food supplies and blame my biggest competition on my tribe to cause a lot of chaos.” This is far more interesting.

5. There are three main categories
Comedy. Conflict. Sex. These are the three main themes, choose the one you fit into and perfect on it.

6. Be familiar with the show
You have to know what you are auditioning for. Get in the know zone.

7. Don’t make obnoxious attempts to become unique
Be real but interesting at the same time. Remember they already know you want to get into the show.

8. Be in your best fitness
You need to demonstrate that you can handle the severe conditions you are going to be put through.

9. Be likable
Show a great personality and try to win over the hearts of the casting directors.

10.Put your best foot forward
You have a once in a lifetime opportunity at this fantastic show so bring your A-game.

With these ten tips, you are armed to the tooth to give the best audition. All the best and see you in Victory Casino on Sunday, April 10th.


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