Survivor Auditions at Victory Casino

Survivor Auditions

Do you consider your resilience and wits to be a cut above the rest? Are you an outdoorsy person who’s not afraid of nature at its rawest? Do you have what it takes to outsmart your fellow castaways to be the crowned the ultimate survivor? Well, if you are all these and more, you need to make your way to Victory Casino in Port Canaveral on Sunday, April 10th, 2016 from 10 am to 2 pm for an open casting for the CBS hit reality show Survivor.

All the action will be in the Victory Casino Terminal where CBS Television cameras will be waiting to film your audition after which they will send your tape to the casting agent. Note that; you must be 21 years of age and a US citizen for you to take part. If you have been a little sluggish on your fitness regimen, this is the time to get back on the saddle. Your first impression during the audition is very important; you want to wow the casting agents with your appearance first before they even listen to what you have to say on your audition tape.
It goes without saying that a little research on the survivor series will do you some good on the auditions. Watch previous audition tapes on YouTube and know what the casting agents are looking for then on the D-day, make your way to Victory Casino. We have so much on our luxury casino to help you calm your nerves – from the best casino games and fine drinks that will help you mingle freely with fellow contestants. Who knows? You might pick up a few tricks of the trade in the process. Nothing a great casino experience won’t solve!

Remember, be confident but not cocky, be coy but not too shy and most of all, be likable and leave an air of mystery around you. Let the casting agents want to call you back because they would like to see and know more of you! After it’s all said and done, unwind in our main casino as you relish our first-class casino experience. You can also enjoy exotic, chef prepared meals as you cross your fingers for the audition results which will come out shortly. Meanwhile party like a boss on our luxury cruise ship and who knows, lady luck may be smiling down on you, and we could be seeing you on the next Survivor! All the best and see you then!


Victory Casino Cruises
Port Canaveral, FL
180 Christopher Columbus Drive
Cape Canaveral, FL  32920

Participants will be required to meet all casting call eligibility requirements, and sign a video release form. Links to both of these documents are listed below. A signed video release form is required to audition.

All applicants must bring a valid driver’s license or a current passport for identification and age verification.

One-minute auditions will be recorded for each contestant. Applicants are encouraged to creatively express why they should be considered for the show. This is your only chance to make an impression with the show producers.

Be sure to read the eligibility requirements below and print, sign and take the video release form to the casting call at Victory Casino Cruises.

[DOWNLOAD, READ AND FILL OUT FORMS:  Eligibility requirements | Video release]


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