Super Bowl Party at Victory Casino!



There is hardly a dull moment on board the victory casino cruises. That is something that you can bet on. We consistently have events and performances happening on board the unmatched casino cruises. Especially on the weekends, that’s when the fun hits the fan. For the sports lovers, we usually show several games live. Sports like soccer, football, basketball, golf and even racing, no matter from what corner of the world, we have international coverage. It does not matter what league they are from; the NHL, Premier, NBA, Liga, NCAA, you name them. For instance, on this coming weekend, there is a major party that is going to happen. The Super Bowl Tailgate Party. What could be better than watching your favourite sport while on board a cruise ship? And to sweeten the deal even further, while you are in the company of other football enthusiasts like yourself, and you get some of the most amazing foods and drinks out there. And speaking of deals, you can also get a chance to do some betting on the super bowl while on board the victory casino cruises. If nothing was the answer to that question, then you are right.

If you are looking for the weekend plan for this coming week, then we got you covered. Come and join us on Sunday, February the 7th, on Victory Casino Cruises, for our Super Bowl Tailgate Party! That will be one of our best parties this year. We got Food and drink specials! Yes, we all know how you like to have fantastic food when you are on a cruise. You will also have a chance to enjoy the biggest NFL game of the year aboard Victory. The Panthers are facing the Broncos! That is a game many of us have been waiting eagerly for. There is a lot of history between these two teams, and they are sure to continue their love affair even more when they meet on Sunday. That will be an absolute stunner. You do not want to miss it.
As if the excitement is not enough, you can make it all the more interesting by doing some super bowl betting by placing a bet in our sportsbook. If you have done sportsbook betting in Vegas, you can do it on board the Victory Casino Cruises. You can also bet online of you choose to. The odds are favourable for all teams. Key players will be available for the game. There will be a lot of touchdowns to be scored and total points to be won. After that, you can follow all the games live in HD from the various T.Vs that we have spread across the ship.

The full package is what we are. When you get a little bit overwhelmed by all the fun and excitement, you can go and let a little steam off at our many casino games. We got all kinds of slots for you to choose from. Penny slots, nickel slots, quarter slots and even $100 slots. So come on down and have fun with us.


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