Relaxing Sunset Cruises in Central Florida

Victory Casino Cruises Online RegistrationsNow and then, it is good to think of something to do that is at least a bit romantic. Couples always have one or two things they enjoy doing together. Let’s face it, though, a day at the ballpark or preparing a meal together isn’t ever going to make it on the top ten list of loving things that couples do. Why not book a date on Victory Casino Cruises, which features sunset cruises in Central Florida every day of the week?

Planning an overnight trip to Cape Canaveral, Florida is a perfect way to start the adventure. Because of its central location, there are hotels and motels varying in price and features. Check in early to give yourself time to rest before leaving for the port.

Dinner is always a great experience on the Victory. Another option is to enjoy the meal offered by your hotel and have a sandwich or salad during the cruise to stave off hunger pangs. It is amazing how much energy a person can use going from one deck to another while touring all four levels. Standing together on one of Victory’s sunset cruises in Central Florida is romantic. Experiencing the sight of the sky turning beautiful colors as the sun drops into the Atlantic is amazing!

The VCC nightclub is in full swing on the weekend. Enjoy a dance or two, or just sit back and enjoy the music. Order an exotic drink at any of the bars and catch up on family news without interruption by phones or kids. Take pictures, build memories, and have a good time.

Both of you will be surprised to see how much can fit into this five-hour cruise! It is something you will want to repeat again. Who ever thought that sunset cruises in the Central Florida region would become part of your repertoire? Book your reservations in advance, as the 1200 passenger slots fill quickly. Just pick up the phone and call today at 855-GO-VICTORY (855-468-4286).




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