Squawk the Parrot Show on Wednesday, March 9th on Our AM Cruise



What’s your idea of a great morning when on a vacation? Does it involve sleeping in or going for a beautiful morning cruise? If you chose the morning cruise, you made a perfect choice. Victory Casino Cruises always have you covered for fun activities, and what’s more, you can enjoy classic casino games such as blackjack as you sip on your favorite drink. Who knows? Today could be your lucky day.

Now if you have been following the America’s Got Talent Show, then you are well aware of squawk the parrot show. How would you like to get front row tickets for this exclusive and thrilling show? Victory Casino Cruise will be hosting squawk the parrot show on Wednesday, March nine on our morning cruise and you simply can’t afford to miss out. Where else do you get a chance to enjoy the greatest cruise ever and the parrot show that everyone is talking about at the same time?
If you are wondering what a group of parrots can do apart from mimic someone, you are in for one of the greatest surprises of your life. Squawk the parrot show is not your ordinary bird show or should we say parrot show. These are the most professional performers you are ever going to meet and that have so much going for them than their good feathered looks.
We are not talking about boring lectures or mimicry here; you will be pleasantly surprised by the wide range of talents displayed by these birds. From painting, performing card tricks, mind reading, performing math tricks, dancing and a good dose of comedy, you will be left asking for more when the curtains come down.

Squawk the parrot show is very quick paced and so there is not a chance you are going to get bored. It is a show written for adults, and so you can expect some rude but rib cracking jokes. There is no sense in giving so much away, but you have a rough idea of what you can expect and you can even run a quick internet search on squawk the parrot show to get a better idea.
Make advance bookings now, to avoid missing a slot in this widely anticipated morning cruise. If you love having fun in the water, then take the next step and make your booking now. Do not forget to carry your recorder and camera because there will be unforgettable moments to capture.


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