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The loose machine is the slot player’s Holy Grail.  Much as King Arthur’s Knights of the Round Table searched Britain for the Holy Grail of myth, slot players search casinos for loose machines.  Slot players have formulated many theories about where casinos place their loose machines to aid them in their quest. Let me add one more piece of information.  The dollar machine is a video poker machine.  Dollar video poker players would rather have root canals on all their teeth with no anesthesia while their fingernails and toenails are ripped off than play a 94% payback machine.  They have many adjectives for a 94% payback machine, but loose is not one of them.

You see, loose isn’t an absolute.  Looseness depends on your frame of reference.  Looseness is actually a comparison.  We shouldn’t say “loose.”  We should really say “looser”.   We should really be asking where the looser machines are.  But let’s bow to common usage and continue using the term loose machine.

So, what is a loose machine?

Quite simply, a loose machine is a machine that has a higher long-term payback percentage than another machine.  The loose machines in a casino are those machines that have the highest paybacks.  These are the machines that will take the smallest bites out of your bankroll in the long run.  No wonder slot players are constantly searching for them.

Daytime cruises set sail at 11 a.m. and return around 4 p.m., with the night time cruises leaving at 7 p.m. and returning at the midnight hour. Got 13 bucks? That’s all you need to get on. Advanced dining prices range between $15 and $30. Where else can you get dinner and entertainment for $40? You have to be 18 to gamble and 21 to drink, which means no kids are allowed. Not a bad deal!

So, for the benefit of a cruise line paired with a full casino featuring endless entertainment options, Victory is your choice if you’re looking for for top-notch casinos in Florida. Get away from it all and spend a few hours on a world-class ship with exceptional food and entertainment. You may even go home a big winner!

Victory is one of the best casinos in Florida. You can easily book your ticket online now, or if you have any questions, simply call 855-GO-VICTORY.



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