Victory Casino Slot Win or Your Money Back Weekend



Get Your Money Back With Slot Win or Your Money Back Weekend

Gambling can be lots of fun but only if you are wining. But what if all you do is lose your money? The Slot Win or Your Money Back Weekend is designed to encourage people to play without the fear of loosing. If you are a guest at Victory Casino Cruises, you have the opportunity to get up to one hundred percent slot loss returns.

The Amazing One Hundred Percent Refund Offer

You probably love playing the blackjack casino slots but have made some losses. That should not be a worry because Victory Casino will make a refund on one hundred percent of all losses with a minimum of $100 up to $1,500. This is possible because your play can be tracked for three and you will qualify to get refunds on the cumulative losses from all six sails.

Play the Blackjack Casino with Absolutely No Losses

When you play for an aggregate of three days, you qualify to get back one hundred percent on any losses you make over the three days. You can get back the losses in three commensurate payments for slots you play on Friday, December 25th, Saturday, December 26th and Sunday, December 27th. These offer Is available on the AM or PM cruises. 

Get Qualified for Full Refund

With the Slot Win or Your Money Back Weekend offer in place, you need not be apprehensive. Any losses you make will be refunded in free slot play in three increments. You however have to return on Thursday, January 14th, Wednesday, February 10th and Friday, March 11th to qualify to receive one hundred percent returns. To get the one hundred percent offer, you must sail all three days. If you come for any one of the cruises, you will only get back thirty-three percent of your losses. When playing the blackjack casino slots or any other slots, ensure that you have your card in the machine while you play so that you can get rated. With the Slot Win or Your Money Back Weekend offer you either win or you get your money back.

The Best Time to Be On the Victory Casino Cruise

This is definitely a win-win situation and is the best time to be on Victory Casino Cruise. If you are a winner, you remain a winner and if you make any losses, you have the opportunity to win again because there is a money back guarantee. All you need to do is be on the Victory Casino Cruise on the specified days to qualify for the offer. Play the blackjack and you are in for a refund if you make losses. The Slot Win or Your Money Back Weekend is a big weekend for anyone that loves to gamble. It’s an opportunity that you  cannot afford to miss.


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