Set a Perfect Time for Your Holiday Party Venue near Ocala

Victory Casino Cruises Online RegistrationsThis is the year to focus on an affordable, exciting Florida holiday party venue near Ocala. Did you notice the house seemed a bit more crowded last year? That is because more friends and family members want to visit the celebrations you organize! As an incredible alternative to having the event at home, we invite you to have it at our place. We’re Victory Casino Cruises and our flagship, Victory I, is ready to show your group a good time at our Cape Canaveral location.

What makes Victory special? It’s a casino, restaurant, bar, entertainment, and gaming facility wrapped into one beautiful 4-deck ocean-going ship. There’s room for 1200 passengers on each 5-hour Atlantic cruise. Mother Nature tosses in a spectacular sunset free of charge depending on the weather, season, and time you sail.

A gaming cruise may be just the thing needed to entice Uncle Bill to catch a shuttle from Orlando to Cape Canaveral. It’s more convenient for him to ride over and back on round-the-clock transportation to Victory for this year’s family holiday party venue near Ocala. The floating casino is quickly gaining fame as the place to hold parties, social get-togethers, and even renew wedding vows!

Mention dancing and a night club scene to the 18 through 30 year olds to get their attention. Friday and Saturday evening cruises feature Club V. The music is spun by a professional DJ and encourages nearly every passenger to yield to the beat, get on the dance floor, and cut loose with the rest of the crowd. The SportsBook, craps tables, video poker, and slot machines provide entertainment for the remainder of your group.

Victory books quickly at certain times of the year. Don’t let the Grinch steal your holiday party venue near Ocala by letting the ship get full before you call. Contact the group sales team to find out about discounts and book NOW at 855-GO-VICTORY!



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