Not much to talk about with the weather these days.  The winds have been typical summer trend.  Light Southerly and Southwesterly winds create very little wave action this week.  The remainder of the week and the weekend are more of the same.

Today will be light southerly winds and the waves will be 1-2 feet.  This will be the same for both the day and evening cruises.

Tropical Cyclone Leslie is moving north up the middle of the Atlantic.  Yesterday we started to see long slow swells from the east.  This will have little effect on our ride but the local Surfers love it.  You will see a good surf on the beach and if you are swimming be careful of the rip currents.
As far as on our cruises you will see a gradual rise and fall of the ship.  Does not create much motion as these swells are 8-9 seconds apart.  We generally will run east and west and keep the bow or stern to these swells.
Come sail with us!
Capt Tim


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