Fridays Cruises were very good weather and ride.  We had winds for the east at about 10-15 and waves 2-3 feet.  We ran east and west keeping the waves on our bow and stern.  This made for a good ride  with a small motion on the turns about once per hour.

The forecast for the rest of the weekend is good.  The winds will be from Northeast today and 10-15 and decreasing to 10 kts tonight. The waves will be 2 feet or less.  We will operate in Captains cove today (I will be at the helm) to take advantage of the protection from the Northerly winds….

Sunday  forecast is for East winds 10kts. The waves will be about 2 feet and the motion of the vessel slight….
Sea Stories: From the beginning the sailors life has been one of isolation and boredom…..My favorite summary is “the sailors life is hundreds of days of boredom followed by hours of pure H-ll…..This rings true…the long ocean passages are generally a routine of 4-hours on watch followed by 8-hours off watch.  Most days are routine and mundane….but then of course comes that Atlantic Storm….or hurricane where you cant even stand up or lay in your rack (bed) without getting banged against the wall or thrown form your rack onto the deck.  I have experienced both of these on many occasions…So the “invention” sea stories…..more later on this…..
Come sail with us,
Capt Tim


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