Select the Best Corporate Event Venue in the Orlando, Florida Area

Victory Casino Cruises Online RegistrationsRegardless of how experienced a person is at finding a place to hold a meeting or celebration, it is a task that takes a long while. A professional will sort through previous suggestions and comments to get an idea of how the last corporate event venue in the Orlando, Florida area was handled. Nothing takes the wind out of the sails like scheduling another company activity at the place of last year’s dismal disappointment.

Usually there is no problem in this part of Florida, which is why Orlando, Florida is a primary choice for event venues of businesses around the country. Talk about variety! There are options at theme parks, museums and lovely gardens. Are you surprised to see places known for crowds on this list? What better place to hold a meeting or make presentations than where attendees feel relaxed and comfortable, thanks to the activity around them.

A recent addition to the list for a corporate event venue in the Orlando, Florida area is such a place. The event host actually has a captive audience for 5 hours, although that is far longer than the time needed for most itineraries. Attendees find themselves crossing from the dock to the Victory Casino Cruise ship for a five-hour excursion of the Atlantic Ocean.

VCC has a Florida group sales team that works with event planners and coordinators. It makes it easier to get the correct information together and submitted so nothing or no one is overlooked. Even if a person is putting together this type of company event for the first time, the Victory representative will make that person look good!

Order snacks, meals and any special dietary items are requested at the same time the reservation is made. After the meetings are done, guests can browse any of the four decks of the casino. Live poker, roulette, and blackjack are just a few of the card and dice games available. Passengers also enjoy gaming on more than 600 slot and video poker machines aboard the Victory.

Live entertainment, specialty drinks, and great music add to the appeal of this amazing experience.

Just like any other corporate event venue in the Orlando, Florida area, the tentative request must be submitted quickly. Call the group sales team at 855-GO-VICTORY (855-468-4286) today to get answers to your questions and the forms to complete and return to reserve your company’s spot on a Victory Casino Cruise today!


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