Reserve this New Family Reunion Idea in Cape Canaveral

Victory Casino Cruises Online RegistrationsHave you noticed the billboards for Victory Casino Cruises along the highways in Florida? The ship is a nice change of pace when you want to get away on your own. It’s an incredibly stupendous place for a family reunion venue near Cape Canaveral. In fact, the port is just a few miles away! Just when it seemed there were no reputable places for the 18 and over members of your family to visit, eat, and have fun, VCC pulled a rabbit out of the hat to surprise everyone!

Drive to the port or take one of the convenient shuttles. That’s an easy, stress-free way reach and return from Victory I. Delicious foods at the buffet & carving feed the hungry horde. In fact, if there are 10 or more in your group, book the reservations all at once to earn discounts on the boarding pass, buffet, and other incentives.

There’s no need to be a night owl to enjoy Victory’s family reunion venue near Cape Canaveral! The ship sails twice daily and delivers a five-hour gaming cruise to provide Vegas-style entertainment for 1200 passengers. Select the afternoon voyage on the Atlantic. Guests have time to chat with one another, enjoy music and entertainment, and perhaps win $1000 on the Bingo Coverall!

Explore the decks of Victory I and pick out a few slot machines to try once the ship reaches international waters. Favorites like Wheel of Fortune and CATS offer multi-denominational, multi-line betting. Simply cash out your ticket when you leave the machine. Put the ticket into another slot or take it to the cashier and exchange it for money. Why not challenge your sister to a slot tourney and see who wins?

EZ Bac is a favorite table game aboard this family reunion venue near Cape Canaveral. Professional dealers will explain how to play the game. VCC staff wants everyone to understand the games they offer! Book today to get boarding passes for the date and time you want by calling 855-GO-VICTORY.



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