Victory Casino “Best of the Best” Blackjack Tournament

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Getting on a Victory Casino Cruise can be very exciting because of what’s on offer for you. The Victory’s five hour cruises are the best five hours you will ever experience. This is especially if you love gaming because the impressive cruise ship offers you interesting gaming options that you will find all four decks on the ship.

What’s on Offer for Gaming Lovers

Blackjack Casino tournaments are especially popular with gamers. Aboard Victory, you will find six hundred of the most popular slot machines. There are more than thirty tables available for you to play all your preferred games and poker tournaments. Sports lovers have the SportBook Lounge on board and here they can relax, enjoy their favorite drinks and wager on the teams they love.

Getting the Best with Blackjack Tournaments

One of the most popular gaming alternatives available aboard the Victory Casino Cruises is the Best of the Best” Blackjack Tournament. Blackjack is a game that people travel far and wide to play. Vegas became famous because of its gaming options and blackjack is one of those games. Imagine having the same feature in Florida on a luxury cruise ship. Well this is now possible and you can join a blackjack casino tournament without having to go all the way to Las Vegas, Nevada.

Join the PM Monday Cruise and the Blackjack Tournament.

Victory’s five hour phenomenal PM cruises every Monday makes it possible for you to join other players on the “Best of the Best” Blackjack Tournament. With a buy-in of $220, you will get $200 in value chips with $20 going to the prize pool. A minimum of 4 players is needed to start the tournament. Payouts will be determined by the number of participants and Victory offers to match half the prize pool.

The Magic of Florida and a Fantastic Cruise

Imagine Florida’s magical and wonderful seafood, nightlife, amazing amusement parks, the pristine sunny beaches, and sun. Now imagine boarding a wonderful cruise ship where you can take part in the “Best of the Best” Blackjack Tournament. Victory Casino Cruises offers you a chance to explore the Florida on this fantastic cruise where you can take part in the gaming with others in a blackjack casino tournament. The tournament is fun and competitive and you are bound to make some great winnings.

What’s on Offer for Non-Gamers?

The blackjack tournament is a great option for gamers. But if you are not into gaming, you still have other alternatives available for you. You can have drinks at the Dolphin Bar, or go atop the ship’s deck and enjoy the sweeping view. You can go to V-Club and enjoy some DJ music and dancing and there’s lots of great food on offer if you would like something to eat. You will also love the Vegas style shows that are hosted by Victory that include comedians, musicians and many other performers.


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