President’s day for the Victory Casino!



Mayday! Mayday! History is meant to remind us of the past and appreciate the sacrifices made by our forefathers in the yester years. For years, the day has been marked with pomp and color not to mention life changing gambling fortunes in casinos. Federal holidays are hard to come by, and when they do, it’s a big deal here at the Victory Casino Cruises. There is no better way to mark this year’s edition of the president’s day than at the Victory Casino Cruises Florida. Come try your luck on Presidents’ Day on Monday, February 15th. Further, one lucky winner per hour wins 100 George Washington’s! On our AM/PM Cruise.

On Presidents day come and enjoy your favorite Vegas-style slot machine including Tarzan, Grease, and Monte Carlo, The Walking Dead and the Wheel of Fortune and many others. Victory Casino provides high-quality coinless slot machines with a ticket in ticket out capability. We also have your favorite craps game hottest game in the casino. Come and hit a hot streak and win big. Victory Casino Cruises offers fantastic 5x odds that will keep you and your buddies excited throughout Presidents day. Victory Casino dealers will assist you in learning craps. Also, get your game on this president’s day by trying out the newest game in Florida EZ Bac, which features the famous Dragon Bet that pays 40 to 1.

How lucky can you get on president’s day? Find out on February 15th at the Victory Casino Cruises, Florida’s top gambling ship by spinning a wheel and winning big. All you need to do is take a guess of where the ball will land and place your bets. All you’ll need a keen eye to monitor the ball and determine where it lands next and win big. Later in the night indulge your nightlife at our exclusive Club V nightclub, where you can be sure we will have a top disc jockey to keep you dancing until morning.
What’s more? Grab some company and head out for the ultimate treat at the Victory Casino Cruises the ultimate gambling ship. Keep in mind the 100 George Washington’s price; it is the perfect price to crown a fan-filled presidents day at the Victory Casino Cruises. Remember it is going down on the 15th of February. See you on the deck and let us take President’s day to the high seas. Cheers.


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