Place Your Non-Profit Organization in the Limelight with a Holiday Party Venue near Cocoa Beach Florida

Victory Casino Cruises Online RegistrationsHow easy is it to find the ideal holiday party venue near Cocoa Beach for a non-profit organization? There are two simple answers: (1) Book the event in plenty of time to reserve the room or area for guests and (2) Start your search with Victory Casino Cruises in Cape Canaveral. The flagship, Victory I, is large enough to hold up to 1200 passengers. Your fete, or celebration, doesn’t have to be that big, however! The group sales team works with you to coordinate and organize the event. If this is a smaller holiday affair, it’s not a problem. Group discounts are available for almost any group of ten or more.

There’s more good news! VCC has experience in charitable functions and the understand importance of everything going smoothly while guests have a good time. The staff and crew, including your group representative, will maintain the festive atmosphere while answering FAQs such as the size of the ship and how far out Victory I sails on the Atlantic.

VCC helps your worthy cause raise money because it understands that fundraisers are a vital part of every non-profit organization’s success. This particular holiday party venue near Cocoa Beach Florida may have more than one goal. If the first goal is raising public awareness of your cause, we’ll help you send the message prior to the event by using blogs and press releases. It will provide the opportunity for your fund-raising committee to review the reasons that external backing and contributions are needed to complete your mission.

The group sales team member assigned to your project is experienced and aware of questions you might have about keeping the budget on track and the plans moving ahead smoothly. Your energy will have time to recharge with VCC’s extra source of assistance and advice. You don’t have to rent a hall or pay for a cleaning crew before and after the event because the expense towards the needed space and cleanup is included in the boarding pass.

Victory I has several bars aboard ship, so there’s no need to budget for stocking a bar and hiring a bartender. Call VCC today for your organization’s holiday party venue near Cocoa Beach before the date you desire is filled by someone else. Book now at 855-GO-VICTORY!



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