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The Hot Shot Slot Tournament will be held Saturday night August 24th. This is a one night only slot tournament and is open to all guests who sail that night. Both Slot and Table players may enter and use their points or pay cash to play.

There will be a $50 cash buy in or the guest may use $100 worth of points. Guests can sign up ahead of time if they wish, but they must sail on Saturday night the 24th to play. The top five winners will share in $5000 in cash. Payouts are $2500, $1500, $500, $300 and $200 dollars.

The tournament is run the same as our weekly tournament with a 3 minute timer. At the end of every round the players club will write down the scores. At the end of the entire tournament the top five people get paid.

You may rebuy in at half price two times if you woukd like. So 25 cash or 50 in points for rebuys.

If a guest wins more than one of the top five spots, they would get paid for both. So if you get first and second you would win $4,000.

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