One of the Most Exciting Casinos is Right Here in Central Florida

Exciting Casino in Central Florida

Victory Casino Cruises Online RegistrationsWhat do you think of when you think of Florida? Theme parks, alligators and the Fountain of Youth are among the top answers to that question. Regardless of what part of the state you happen to be in, there is an assortment of activities that make a two-hour or more drive worthwhile. Victory Casino Cruises is an exciting casino in Central Florida that is taking the area by storm.

There are also fascinating types of wildlife that entice visitors to Central Florida. An example is the dark olive-green Coontail plant. What gave this perennial plant its name? The branch tips are so crowded with leaves that they resemble a raccoon’s tail. The plant has no roots, so floats along ponds, streams and lakes. The dense clusters help the plant resist traveling. It serves as a home for small invertebrates, which in turn provide food to fish, amphibians and ducks.

The Victory is docked in Cape Canaveral when it isn’t sailing the Atlantic on its twice-daily cruise. Customers have a choice of booking an early or late afternoon cruise. Both feature a variety of gaming activities, as well as live entertainment. Throw in 1200 passengers and a friendly crew to realize you are never alone when you sail this exciting casino in Central Florida. On the other hand, you never feel too crowded either because the spacious ship is designed to allow you to sit or move around comfortably.

Sometimes the day is a little bit squeezed for time. You suddenly realize it is time to depart for the ship and there is no chance to grab lunch or dinner. There’s no need to worry because you can purchase food on-board. Victory Casino Cruise offers amazing sandwiches, sumptuous salads and formal dining as well.

Victory offers over 600 modern slot machines are that are multi–denominational. Most start at penny bets which can be increased by the player. In addition, they are ticket-in, ticket-out machines, ending the problem of lugging around buckets of coins. Book your VCC cruise today and find out why it is considered an exciting casino in Central Florida. Just call 855-GO-VICTORY (855-468-4286).


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