One of the Most Exciting Casinos is Right here in Central Florida

Victory Casino Cruises Online RegistrationsWhat happens when you want to watch the big game and your wife wants to go out to play bingo? Fortunately there’s no need to flip a coin because one of the most exciting casinos in right here in Central Florida! You both win because you each get to do what you want and still go to the same place together. It’s all happening at Cape Canaveral aboard Victory I.

Make the adventure a good one when you each order a tasty a la carte item during your venture aboard the flagship of Victory Casino Cruises. Tantalizing sandwiches and tasty salads will end any hunger pangs you might be suffering on this noon to 6 PM gaming cruise. There’s a bar by the SportsBook so you don’t have far to go to order a drink. There are two bars on the 4th deck, which also hosts bingo at Club V.

Sit out on the open deck and soak up the sunshine while Victory heads out to international waters. You’ll see a different side of Central Florida as you view the scenery from the Atlantic side of the shore. Watch the other ships heading out to sea or back into port. It’s fun to wonder where their passengers have been and if they’ve tried VCC’s local cruise.

You’ll find the same exciting slot machines at the Slot Atrium as you play online at home and at landlocked gaming establishments. There will likely be some you haven’t encountered until now. Check the slot menu for hints on how to play the interactive games or ask one of the friendly crewmembers for assistance.

The action, sounds, and excitement of a casino add to the fun of this sea-going Central Florida cruise. Both afternoon and evening cruises deliver maximum enjoyment and special events on certain days. Pick a day and time for your adventure and set your reservations today by calling the VCC operators at 855-GO-VICTORY (855-468-4286).



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