The weekend weather was great as predicted…..

The weekend weather was great as predicted…..the afternoon showers continued but with little wind. This made for a great ride throughout the weekend.
We will start this week with more of the same. The forecast is for light southerly winds from the south and then southeast. The seas will be 1-2 feet and the ride will be very good. By late Tuesday and Wednesday the winds will come around from the North and 10-15 kts..  
Hopefully the North winds will cool off the temperatures some and give us some great fall weather. The seas will come 2-3 feet….perhaps we will wander back to Captain’s cove?
Navigation History: About the time the ancient mariners figured out that the Earth was not flat they figured something else out. I told you about “dead reckoning” navigation. The next step in the evolution of navigation was sailing the same Latitude line…..Latitude is the distance in degrees (Nautical miles) that you are from the Equator. Early navigators learned that by taking a “noon fix” or position…you could determine what Latitude you were at noon each day.
So simple right…..if you know what latitude of your destination….you sail north or south until you reach that latitude (in your part of the world) then you sail along that latitude east or west (checking and adjusting daily at noon)…until you reach your destination…..
Fun Fact: The latitude of Captain’s Cove is 24 degrees 24.8 minutes North.
Come sail with us!
Capt Tim


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