Good Morning everyone.

Both cruises Tuesday were a good ride.  We saw a lot of heavy rain both in the afternoon and on the evening cruise.  The winds were from the South but the seas did not build due to the short duration of the winds.  we saw 2-3 ft max and the ride was good on both cruises.

Today’s forecast and the rest of the week is for light winds of 10kts  and variable from southeast to east. This will call for more wet weather but the seas will remain 2 ft or less. This will make for great cruising weather through the weekend.
Did You Know?:  Early Navigation:  Noon Fix:  The early navigators were only able to determine their Latitude north or south of the equator.  They would do this by measuring the declination of the sun at precisely “High Noon”.  That is when the sun is at its highest point in the sky at any point on earth.  The “declination” (height above the Horizon) corresponds directly (with minor corrections) to your latitude.  So once per day the early navigators could determine their Latitude…..Although this is only half of your position….the east/west half of your position still depending on dead reckoning.
Come sail with us…..
Capt Tim


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