Hello Everyone,
I would like to provided for you a special report and review for the weekend.  I am sure you may have seen or heard about the winds forecast  and also the Potential tropical storm that may pass 200-300 miles east of us.

There is nearly a 0% chance of the storm coming to East coast Florida.  We will feel some long distance effects but I am not seeing any potential sever weather at this time.

Today the forecast is the same as yesterday and the seas will also be the same.  I was on the Day Cruise and the winds were about 20kts from the east and the seas were 3-4 feet.  We had a good ride as we ran east and west into the seas, and then wit the seas.
For the rest of the week:  If you monitor the forecast on TV or the Internet prediction for the seas is not accurate for our operating area.  The reason is the conditions are predicted for 20 miles offshore.  We always operate between 3-5 miles offshore.  Also the natural reefs here at Cape Canaveral protect us from the North and Northeast seas and bring the wave height down even more.
This area is the area I always refer to in my blog as “Captain’s Cove”.
The winds are forecast from the Northeast and North starting Thursday and through the weekend.
We will operate in Captains Cove.
Stay tuned here for my prediction fro the wave heights in Captains Cove…..for your general information the wave heights in Captains Cove run about 3 feet  lower for the higher wind speeds.
Also I base my prediction on info I ma getting from my other Captains that are actually on the boat or from my first had experience while I am out there.
Come sail with us!
Capt Tim


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