Hello everyone…..Beautiful fall weekend on the way!  Both cruises on Wednesday were a good ride.
Hello everyone…..Beautiful fall weekend on the way!
Both cruises on Wednesday were a good ride.  There was no wind and the water was glassy.  We still had some residual seas from the tropical system far off in the Atlantic.  There is absolutely no chance of this system coming this way.  It is one of those late in the season storms that will travel north up the middle of the Atlantic.

The swells slowly subsided through the day yesterday setting the stage for a beautiful weekend.

Today the winds will be South and South west at 5-10 kts.  Friday they will swing to the West at 5-10 kts. Saturday the winds will be Northwest at 5-10 kts.  This will make for beautiful sunny and cooler days….it will also reduce the chance of the afternoon showers…
The seas will be very minimal at 1-2 feet.  This is because of the shifting light winds and ultimately the westerly winds off the beach which will produce no waves at all in our operational area.
This is going to be a great weekend! 
More “Dead Reckoning” with a personal note:  DR is always the first form of navigation for any of us Mariners.  I learned it from my Dad growing up as a commercial fisherman off the coast of Maine.  I got my first boat at age of 12 and by 13 my Dad was allowing me off the fish by myself.  Dad had taught me the basics in DR navigation.  I already knew the local coast line by heart from years working/sailing on his boat…..Yes day care in those days was “out with Dad”  on the boat…..
Tune in later for Capt Tim’s history in Navigation….
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