It is going to be a great fall weekend!  Thursday’s cruises were very good…
It is going to be a great fall weekend!
Thursday’s cruises were very good we still had some brisk fresh winds from the west but the easterly seas left over from Sandy slowly leveled off all week.

We are going to have great weekend weather!  The forecast is calling for NW winds 5-10 kts all weekend.  The seas will be 1-2 feet and the ride will be smooth.

Great weekend to come sail with us!
Stabilizers??…we had several questions about stabilizers.  The Victory 1 was fitted with very large fixed stabilizers in the 1990’s.  These are located on both sides of the vessel. They look like “wings.”  They run about 200 ft in length of the vessel and are attached to the hull about halfway between the waterline and the keel. As the vessel roles they “dampen” or decrease the range of the roll and slow down the time of the rolling motion.
A bulbous bow was also added.   This is a large round extension of the bow just under the waterline.  This “dampens the fore and aft motion (pitch) of the vessel.
Come sail with us!
Capt Tim


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