Hello Everyone,
This weeks weather has been good for this time of year.  The winds have been light however we have had some residual seas coming in from the east.  This has made for some slight motion on the turns but for a good ride on the runs.  We are operating east and west to keep a good ride.

Weekend outlook:  The winds are forecast to be north through Sunday at about 10-15 kts.  This will make for beautiful cool fall-like days. There still will be an easterly sea at about 3 feet.  The ride will be good for the majority of the cruise….with slight motion on the turns…..

come enjoy some great fall weather with us.
Ships Maintenance: “Shave and a haircut”.  A part of our ongoing periodic maintenance is a quarterly dive operation.  This is both for safety and efficient operation.  We have a dive team come in at Midnight and spend about 6 hours in the water.  They first check all the “running gear”…ie Rudders, propellers, bow thruster..to make sure there is no damage or other issues.  Then they check all salt water cooling intakes.  Because we spend a lot of time in port we get barnacles and other sea growth in these areas.  They will clean this off to make sure we are getting maximum cooling for the engines and generators.  Lastly they will take some pictures to document this entire process…..
Just another day in the life of a ship owner…..
Come sail with us!
Capt Tim


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