The NFL May Have More Interest in Blake Bortles’ Girlfriend Lindsey Duke, than in His Ability to Play the Game

Lindsey DukeAs one of the top Quarterbacks in the nation, Blake Bortles is gaining attention for more than his great football throwing ability. Would you believe the NFL may have more interest in his girlfriend Lindsey Duke, than in his ability to play the game? It does look to be the case. Let’s take a closer look.

As pictures of Lindsey Duke started springing up on the internet, she became an online sensation overnight with millions of search queries being made for pictures of her weekly. As a result, interest in Blake Bortles also went up. Some have speculated that Bortles was invited to the NFL draft because of his girlfriend Lindsey Duke. We are sure she was not the main reason for this invitation, but there is evidence it was some part of it.

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For both Bortles and Lindsey Duke the media frenzy is a win/win situation. He is holding his own in the draft and at the same time helping her with her internet success. In turn, she is helping him gain more attention out on the field. He is an excellent player and is definitely Pro material, so the extra attention is well deserved and he is actually looking to be a top pick this season.

Click here to check out the pictures of Lindsey Duke that went viral to see why she was the hot topic during Bortles’ interviews with the NFL.

The only concern is.…can Bortles escape the shadow of the Lindsey Duke craze? It looks good for him, but only time will tell.


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