Meet Survivor Castaways On-Board Victory Casino!



Meet Survivor castaways. This coming February, the Victory Casino Cruises will be hosting three characters from the popular reality TV show series. The TV show fans and cruise ship enthusiasts will have the chance to interact with some of the characters, as they take a cruise along the Atlantic. Moreover, it would be a chance for a memorable photo session with the popular TV casts.

Event Organizers

The event organizers are The Victoria Casino Cruises in collaboration with The Heart of Reality 2016. Victoria Casino Cruises is relatively the biggest cruise ship in America. Apart from hosting several exciting events, Victoria Casino Cruises offers punting services and Casino games. The Heart of Reality is an annual event that seeks to help children. Every year, the event brings together more than 100 celebrities from various reality TV shows. The stars participate in various activities to raise awareness and give monetary support to children suffering from life-threatening ailments. This year, the heart of reality will contribute three of their celebrities to the meet Survivor Castaways event.

Special Guests

The special guests will be the three casts from the popular TV series.  The guests will include Joe Anglim, Carolyn Rivera and Sierra Dawn Thomas.

Joe Anglim

Joe Anglim nicknamed Man Bun, was a cast in two distinct seasons, the Cambodia Second Chances challenge and the World Apart series. Joe was a member of the “No Collar” tribe. He was popular for his physical strength in the various challenges.

Carolyn Amkraut Rivera

Nicknamed Mama C, Carolyn is highly regarded as a strategic player. She was from the “White Collar” tribe. She managed to reach the final challenges but lost out to a fellow finalist.

Sierra Dawn Thomas

A model by profession, Sierra Dawn Thomas was from the “Blue Collar” tribe. The Blue Collar tribe was one of the hardworking tribes as they won the first three challenged in the series.

Date & Venue

The event will take place on February 6, 2016, at the Victoria Casino Cruises, Port Canaveral. Port Canaveral is in Central Florida, Brevard County. It is one of the busiest cruise ports in the world. For directions to the Port Canaveral, please contact The Victory Casino Cruises

Make reservations by booking online for an unforgettable experience with Survivor challenge series stars. Your participation in the event will be for a good cause. Part of the earnings will go to a children’s’ charity organization. For bookings, please contact The Victory Casino Cruises


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