Mondays cruises were a good ride.  We had easterly winds 10-15 kts and waves 1-3 feet. We ran east and west all day keeping the waves on our bow and stern. 
Today the forecast is the same with easterly winds 15 kts.  The waves will again be 1-3 feet.  Wednesday/Thursday will be more of the same. 
For the weekend the winds are forecast at 5-10 kts….will be a great weekend.
Nautical Terms:  Territorial Limits:  Sometimes even Mariner’s cannot keep the “lines” in the sea straight……
Line of demarcation:  Legal USCG line where the Rules of the Road apply.  This is the divider between the “Inland Rules” and the “International Rules”.
International Waters:  3 miles from the line of the beach.  This is where the international waters is defined.  However it is different for different coasts. For example on the east coast of the US it is 3 miles but on the entire gulf coast of US it is 9 miles.
200 Mile Limit:  This is for fishing and other natural resources.  No other country can come within 200 miles to “harvest” anything.
Capt Tim