This weeks cruises have been weather free…..the winds have been light all week. Waves have been 1 ft or calm as well.  Perfect week for weather….thanks to all our customers that came out to enjoy a cruise.
This weekend the forecast is for east winds 10-15 kts all weekend….This is just the typical sea breeze and makes for great conditions.  The waves will be 1-2 feet all weekend and we will cruise east and west keeping them on the bow and stern.  It will be a great ride.
Dry dock delayed:  Our dry dock period that we had scheduled for next week has been delayed.  The ship that was in the dry dock that we were scheduled to go into had some serious problems.  The shafts and propellers were removed from the ship and had to have emergency repairs.  This will takes about 7-10 days longer than was originally planned for this ships repair.   This also leaves a very large “hole” in the bottom of that ship where the shafts protrude through the hull.   This made it impossible for the ship yard to put this ship back in the water.
We will schedule our dry dock again in the near future.
Meanwhile we will continue to sail all next week.  Please come join us.  Due to these circumstances the owner has decided to run some super specials and events.  He wants to get everyone he can to come out and check us out……there will be free board and free slot play just as a start!!  
Call and make a reservation and ask for more details……or just show up and surprise yourself!!
Capt Tim