Hello Everyone,

Weather this week looks very good with light North winds early in the week and winds veering to the East and Southeast. The seas will be only 1-3 feet throughout the week.

Friday the winds will be Southeast at 10kts and the seas will be 2/3 feet. The ride will be good.
Friday night the winds will remain Southeast at 10-25 kts and the seas will be 2/3 feet.  The ride will be good.
Saturday the winds will be Southeast 10-15 and the waves will be 2/3 feet. The ride will be good.
Saturday night the winds will be 10-15 from the Southeast and waves will be 2/3 feet. Ride will be good.
Sunday winds will be Southeast at 10-15 and shifting to the South at 10 kts. Waves will be 2/3 feet and the ride will be good.
Sunday night  winds will be South at 10-15 kts. Waves will be 2/3 feet and the ride will be good……
Christmas at sea:  I sailed “deep sea” for 15 years.  This meant you never knew what part of the world you may end up in on Christmas day.  Your first thought was to try to schedule time off during Christmas….but of course everyone else in the business was trying to do the same thing!!  It was also a little tough back then because we did not have the communications we have today…..unless you were in a Port of Call you likely were not even going to be able to speak to your family on Christmas Day!!  Well so you made the best of it….
One of my most memorable Christmas’s at sea: We were actually in a very small Port in Ireland.  We were docked in New Ross, Ireland which was a very tiny town of about 500 people in South Ireland.  The town had one dock in the middle of town right on the main street.  The town was located on a river and our ship blocked the entire view of the river from the main street of town.
The problem with this I was to find out when the Mayor of the town visited me for lunch. The tradition for the town was to have a small parade down main street. The highlight of the parade was “Santa” would water-ski down the river along the waterfront of the main street wishing all a very Merry Christmas!! (Yes it was winter and the air temp was about 20 degrees and the water about 60 degrees)   The problem was my ship was blocking the entire view of the river!!
Problem Solved!  I invited the entire town on board the ship to line the rails on deck and cheer on Santa…….My Crew then got into the spirit and headed for town in search of Christmas lights and a tree.  We decorated the entire ship complete with a 20ft tree on the main deck hatch!!
We had about 200 people on board and had a great time!  Santa came on by on schedule……Although I thinks he had a scuba suit under that red Santa Coat!!
It was a great time for all and my crew got to have some Christmas Spirit while a few thousand mile from their families!!
Merry Christmas Everyone and come sail with us!
Capt Tim


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