Hello Everyone,
We have had a couple of breezy days Wednesday and Thursday…the winds were 15-10 from the South and Southwest. This is the one direction that we cant just run up to Captains cove.  The waves built up to about 3-4 feet by yesterday afternoon and last night the winds started to subside.  I am here on the bridge and the winds are 10-15 from the Southeast.  The waves at the 3 mile buoy are now at 3 ft and have been coming down all night.

We were able to maintain a good ride the last couple of days by heading south and keeping the waves directly on the bow or stern.  There was some minimal motion on the turns but we did not hear many complaints.  I hope everyone that was out with us the last couple of days enjoyed the trips.
The good news is it is going to be a perfect weather weekend!  The winds will be dropping all day and the prediction for this afternoon is 10-15 from the Southwest. The waves will continue to drop from the 3 ft mark they are at now to 1-2 this evening.  This evening the winds are forecast at 5-10 and light and variable.
Saturday will be a great day. Winds will swing to the Northwest at 5-10kts.  Waves will be 1/2 foot and the ride will be perfect.  Sunday the winds will be east at 5 kts and the waves will be minimal…..
It is going to be a great weekend….
Come sail with us!
Capt Tim


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