Hello everyone,

It will be a mixed up menu of weather this week with the winds veering around the compass rose…Today we still have the gusty east winds and the seas will be 4-5 feet. By Wednesday we will have winds from the West and Northwest and conditions will improve greatly.

Today the winds will remain East at 15-20kts and the seas will be 4/5 feet. The ride will be good as we will run into the wind and run with the wind on the return. There will be moderate motion on the turns.

Tuesday winds will be Southeast 20 kts. We will have moderate motion. Tuesday night the winds will swing to the South and the waves will be 4-5 feet. The ride will be steady with moderate motion on the turns.

Wednesday we will see a big change. The winds will be strong from the West. They will blow directly from the beach so the waves will be minimal as we will cruise along the 3-mile limit. This will cause the easterly seas to diminish.

Thursday the winds will come from the North and then Northwest so we will be back to Captains cove for another good day with a decent ride. The waves will be 2-3 feet and the ride will be good.

Come sail with us!
Capt Tim


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