Weather much improved for today. Weekend looks good. Sea Band give way a great success. Winds back to normal 15-20 today.

Hello Everyone. We had a very blustery day yesterday….we had 500 guests that joined in our Sea Band give away. We offered free Sea Bands to all guests that were worried they may be susceptible to motion sickness. Looking for comments….seemed to be a great success…….

We traveled to Captains Cove. The waves were about 4-5 feet…..This is a perfect example of what I have been professing in my Blog for 2 years now…..You cant go by the public forecasts for the waves when we are going to operate in Captain’s Cove.

The waves were forecast up to 9 feet…..the maximum we saw was an average of 4 feet with an occasional 5ft.  The 3 mile weather buoy, located on the southern end (least protected) of Captains cove had an average for the day of 4/5 feet.

Today the winds have subsided to 15-20 from the east….we will still have a residual sea of 4 feet. This will last most of today and will subside tomorrow.

The weekend looks good at this point but I will update my blog on Friday.

Thanks for sailing with us!
Capt Tim


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