Hello Everyone,

The winds are very gusty today from the North. Because they are from the North we will still go out on the AM cruise. As I have mentioned before from the north winds we get the protection of the Canaveral reefs from the heavy seas. I have been watching the weather buoys very close this morning. The waves this moment (7am) are 3.6 feet. I will make the call to cancel the cruise when the waves reach about 7-8 feet at the weather buoy.

The winds are gusting to about 25 kts here in the port at this time.

We will have motion during the transits and moderate motion on the turns.

Free SeaBands today!!! For our dedicated sailors we will be giving out free Seaband wrist bands if you feel you may be prone to motion sickness.

We also have Dramamine pills available for sale on board.

Come sail with us!
Capt Tim


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