Hello everyone,
The weekend weather will hold pretty good through Sunday afternoon.  We have some Northeast winds forecast for Monday and Tuesday and we will have some motion during the turns on the vessel.
Today the winds will be Southwest at 10-15 and the seas will be 2-3 feet.  The ride will be good with some motion on the turns. 
Tonight the winds will be from the North at 10-15 and the waves will be 2 feet.  We will have a good ride up in Captains Cove where we will get some protection from the North winds.
Sunday Morning the winds will increase to 15-20 from the North.  The  waves will be 2-43 feet and the ride will be good with some motion on the turns.
Sunday Night the winds will increase to 20kts form the Northeast. The waves will be 3/5 feet and there will be slight to moderate motion.  If you are prone to motion sickness please see the players club.  We have the motion sickness wrist bands available for sale.  They are quite effective and make your trip more enjoyable.
Come sail with us!
Capt Tim


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