Hello Everyone…..

Another boring week in weather….(Good boring for us) very little or now wind all the way through the weekend……

Today winds will be 5-10 East with waves 1-2 feet….
Tonight winds will be 10-15 East and waves 1-2 feet…
Of course the ride will be smooth….

Tuesday the winds will be East 10-15 and waves will be 1-2 feet
Tuesday night will be no change…..and the ride all day will be very good.

Wednesday winds will be back down to East 10 and then light and variable Tuesday night…..
Ride will be great…

Thursday light and variable winds all day with a light Southwest breeze about 5kts Thursday night….Great ride with waves 1-2 feet.

Friday Southwest winds 5kts during the day and Southeast 10kts Friday night…….waves 1-2 feet and the ride will be great….

Problem Solved…..Columbus was the first Explorer to figure out….or guess how to solve the “doldrums” issue…..The early scientists that were studying the Earth and its weather had a theory…….The Doldrums were an area of low atmospheric pressure and light winds…..they were predicting at this time that wind was caused by a difference in atmospheric pressures (caused by uneven heating of the sun) in areas of the world. Mother nature created “wind” to try to even out these Temperatures (and pressures) in the atmosphere. If this theory were true then there must be a corresponding area to the Doldrums where the wind blew most of the time……Columbus decided to test this theory…..and the “Trades” were discovered…..

Come sail with us!
Capt Tim


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