Hello Everyone,

This weeks weather again will be a non event. Light winds predicted all weekend.

Some comments on the last weeks weather predictions as compared to the National Weather Service predictions.
We had some concerns from some of our guests with the NOAA predictions for late last week. Weather Service was
predicting seas building to 3-4 feet due the storm that as “building” down in the Caribbean.

I again point our the importance of local observation and local knowledge of the area.
My blog continued to advise the seas to be 1-2 feet here in our operating area. This was based on my observation and extensive historical knowledge of this area…
The seas were indeed 1-2 feet through the entire period as predicted in my blog……Although there is never 100% accuracy when it comes to Mother Nature…..
Captain Tim’s weather blogs nails it pretty close for our “operating area”. So as Forrest Gump would say….”That is all I got to say about that” 😉

This weekend looks great……
Friday winds will be 5kts from the Southeast. The waves will be 1-2 ft. Friday night winds will be 5-10 with waves 1-2 feet. The ride will be great.
Saturday the winds will be Southwest at 5-10kts and the waves 1-2 feet. Saturday night winds will swing to the South at 5-10….and yes….waves 1-2 feet.
Sunday will be picture perfect……winds will swing to the West…very unusual for a summer patterns…..will bring down the humidity and the seas will be flat….

Come sail with us!!
Capt Tim


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