Hello everyone,
The weekend weather was good for cruising.  We had a great weekend with a lot of guests coming out for a cruise and enjoying the fine Summer weather.
This weeks forecast is basically…”nothing to report” with the typical summer weather pattern.

Today will be light east winds all day and night.  The waves will be 1-2 feet and the ride very good.

Tuesday the winds will remain from the East at 5-10 kts and then veer to Southeast 5-10kts in the evening. The waves will remain 1-2 feet and the ride will be very good.


Wednesday the day will start with Southeast winds 5-10 ands in the evening will veer to the South at 5-10kts  The waves will remain 1-2 feet with a great ride…


Thursday winds will be Southeast all day and evening and the waves will be 1-2 feet……

A boring weather report I know….but a great week to choose a cruise and check us out…
Come sail with us….
Capt Tim


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