Hello Everyone,
We have had a blustery week with strong east winds prevailing all week.  We are fortunate that the winds and the waves have been straight out of the east.  This allows us to put  the waves directly on the bow or on the stern.  

Sailing this course reduces the ship motion to a pitch motion only (forward and after movement instead of rolling side to side.  This has given us a decent ride all week despite the 4-5 ft waves. We do get a moderate motion on the turns.  This week we averaged about 3/4 turns per trip.
We have one more day (Friday) of this weather condition. The Saturday forecast is better. The wind will be dropping from 15-20kts to 10 -15kts and the waves will be dropping from 4-5 to 2-4 feet.  By Saturday night the forecast is for 10kts.
Sunday the winds will swing to the Southeast at 10-15 and the seas will be dropping down to 2-3 feet.
Don’t forget we do offer Sea-Bands and other items if you feel you are susceptible to motion sickness. Inquire at the cage or Players club.
Come sail with us!
Capt Tim


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