Hello Everyone,

You may have heard there are some gusty winds predicted this weekend as a cold front moves through. These winds will be predominantly from the Northwest and West. Since they will be blowing directly off the beach the waves will not build as large as they would with winds from another direction.. The waves at this moment are about 1 ft at the 3 mile buoy. Great early fall weekend to go for a Victory Cruise!!

Today the winds will be from the Northwest at 10-15 kts. The waves will be 2-3 feet and the ride will be good. Tonight the winds will be Northwest at 15-20kts and the waves will be about 2-3 feet. The ride will be good.

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Saturday the winds will be 20-25 from the West. The waves will be 3-4 feet and the wide will be good with some motion on the turns. Saturday night the winds will be 15-20 from the Northwest. The waves will be 3-4 feet There will be motion during the turns.

Sunday the winds will be North at 15-20kts. The waves will be 3-4 foot and there will be motion on the turns.. Sunday night the winds will swing to the Northeast at 10-15. The waves near 3-4ft. The ride will be good with some motion on the turns.

If you are subject to motion sickness we recommend you request seasickness pills on boarding. Victory also can provide “seaBands” that are very effective against motion sickness.

Good weekend to come sail with us!

Capt Tim


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